Season 2016-2017 - Fixtures Online

Fixtures for the new Season 2016-2017 are now available online - note our Policies and Rules pages for details on Data Copyright, Intellectual Property and Terms of Use of the League website.

Clubs and teams are also requested to update secretaries with changes to personnel to assist communications to and from the League.


League Dates 2015-2019

The South Hockey League doesn't do weddings - to avoid disappointment on the big day consult the Hockey Calendar first before planning.

  • League Dates - Week 5 to 15 and 20 to 30 (31*)
  • Spare Dates - Week 16, 19 and 31 (32*)
  • Early Easter (Saturday*)


Players Wanted

At Merton HC we have 2 Men's teams. The Men's First are in South League Surrey Division 3 and the Boars (Men's Seconds) are in Surrey Open Hockey League Division 4 which is good enough for someone looking for a competitive game with a relaxed atmosphere. … more

You can find more details on our website at www.mertonhockey.co.uk.

We have a great club house in the area and have a cool atmosphere for those who want a fun Saturday afternoon.