Automated Results

Sender Instructions

South Hockey League match results can be submitted by SMS Text Messaging – this will be available on a division by division basis on the instruction of the relevant league secretary.

When advised by the relevant secretary the Automated Results system is to be used for a particular division's results reporting the team contact will need to do the following:

  1. Register your mobile phone number for the team you wish to submit text results for with the relevant secretary - via their contact details on the fixtures/results page.
  2. Format your text message as follows, using the Abbreviated or Natural Language format. Only ONE result may be sent in each text message and the message will be applied to the latest regular league match – see note * on extra qualification needed for re-arranged matches.
  3. Text your result to the dedicated SHL Text Results Line 07537 170 390 on the day of the match by the deadline set by your league secretary.

Do not include any extraneous content, greetings etc., or use the use the Automated Results Number to send messages to your Division Secretary - the system is strictly for match day results in one of the approved formats below.


Each team is issued with a unique code – this can be found SHL website on the Fixtures page for your division or the Contacts page for your club. The code is 5 or 6 digits in the format:


A typical message would be:

AAAA9 3 1 or
AAAA9 3-1

YOUR team code replacing AAAA9 and followed by YOUR score then your OPPOSITION’S score, with spaces between each field. Note NO SPACES within the team code and – (dash) ONLY between SCORES.

* Extra qualification is necessary when multiple (re-arranged) games are played within a weekend. To ensure the result is processed immediately both team codes are required. A message would be:

AAAA9 3 1 BBBB9 or
AAAA9 3-1 BBBB9 or

If you do not know the opposition team’s code you can use opposition team’s name to qualify the message:

AAAA9 3 1 Opposition Team Name

Codes/name and scores must be in the same order, i.e. the first team code will be given the first score.

Natural Language

Team names can be used instead of the unique team codes but are more prone to mistakes, spelling, and misinterpretation by the system. Acceptable formats for text messages are:

Team Name 1 (3) Team 2 (1)
Team 1 3-1 Team Name 2

* It is not necessary to format the messages HOME team AWAY team – just YOUR team name, YOUR score, and OPPOSITION’S score. Team NUMBERS and/or OPPOSITION’S name are required to identify a single match, otherwise the message may not be processed.

Do not include any extraneous punctuation or comments in result messages - if you need to contact your secretary do so via their published phone or email contact details.

Goal Scorers

When requested by the relevant secretary, names of goal scorers can be appended to results messages as follows:

AAAA9 3 1 [Joe Blogs 2, John Doe]
AAAA9 3 1 BBBB9 (Joe Blogs 2, John Doe)
Team 1 3-1 Team Name 2 [Joe Blogs 2, John Doe]


The following errors will prevent any automatic updates taking place along with messages that match multiple fixtures:

No Automated Results

Outside Time Limits

Fixture is Locked

Not Registered for Team

Disparate Results

In the case of the latter any previous automated result will be deleted but in all cases messages will then be processed manually by the relevant secretary.

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