About this Website

Although this website is under continual development the basic structure and contents will very much remain as follows:

  • Home

    The Home page contains important messages and updates from the League and provides space for member clubs and teams to advertise hockey related events or to recruit coaches, players, etc.

  • Fixtures

    The Fixtures section provides a season's view of an entire fixture list for each division in the League. Options include fixtures by club and team in a format suitable for inclusion in club websites. Fixtures
  • Results

    The Results section provides a combined view of latest results, scorers, and league table by division for each season. Pre season when no results are available a fixtures view will be displayed. Results
  • Rules

    The Rules section contains Rules of the South Hockey League and other Important Notes for Clubs, on Conduct, Starting Times, etc. published in the League handbook.

  • Contacts

    The Contacts section contains details of Committee Members, clubs and other organisations. Club information consist mainly of teams and the leagues they compete in, along with astros and links to clubs' own maintained websites if known.

  • Astros

    The Astros section contains an alphabetical list of pitch information supplied by clubs. Astros

  • Information

    The information section contains any thing that does not easily fit into the sections above. If any important information is added here, a notice will appear on the Home page to alert you.


Other sections of content include:

  • Notices

    The Notices section allows notices to browsed in full or by tagged category.

  • Policies

    The Policies section contains information on Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property, Terms of Use and Cookies.

  • Seasons

    The Seasons page allows selection of past seasons' fixtures and results.

  • Themes

    The Themes page allows selection of the theme used when browsing the South Hockey League website.

  • Updates

    The Updates page is a list of recent changes that affect fixtures and tables other than normal results.