Middx, Berks, Bucks & Oxon - Division 3 1989-1990

Secretary: Ian Pickering
Revised: 07 May 2013 00:45


October 21 1989

Aldermaston International Students
Iveco Ford 1 West London IHE 3
Old Isleworthians Pressed Steel
Phoenix Oxford Polytechnic
Sonning Old Cholmelians
Tring St Marys College
Wallingford Kodak

October 28 1989

Birkbeck College Iveco Ford
Kodak Aldermaston
Old Cholmelians Wallingford
Oxford Polytechnic Sonning
Pressed Steel Phoenix
St Marys College Old Isleworthians
West London IHE Tring

November 04 1989

Aldermaston 8 Old Cholmelians 0
International Students Kodak
Old Isleworthians West London IHE
Phoenix St Marys College
Sonning Pressed Steel
Tring Birkbeck College
Wallingford Oxford Polytechnic

November 11 1989

Birkbeck College Old Isleworthians
Iveco Ford Tring
Old Cholmelians International Students
Oxford Polytechnic Aldermaston
Pressed Steel Wallingford
St Marys College Sonning
West London IHE Phoenix

November 18 1989

Aldermaston Pressed Steel
International Students Oxford Polytechnic
Kodak Old Cholmelians
Old Isleworthians Iveco Ford
Phoenix Birkbeck College
Sonning West London IHE
Wallingford St Marys College

November 25 1989

Birkbeck College 0 Sonning 10
Iveco Ford Phoenix
Oxford Polytechnic Kodak
Pressed Steel International Students
St Marys College Aldermaston
Tring Old Isleworthians
West London IHE Wallingford

December 02 1989

Aldermaston West London IHE
International Students St Marys College
Kodak Pressed Steel
Old Cholmelians Oxford Polytechnic
Phoenix Tring
Sonning 9 Iveco Ford 0
Wallingford Birkbeck College

December 09 1989

Birkbeck College Aldermaston
Iveco Ford Wallingford
Old Isleworthians Phoenix
Pressed Steel Old Cholmelians
St Marys College Kodak
Tring Sonning
West London IHE International Students

December 16 1989

International Students Birkbeck College
Iveco Ford Aldermaston
Kodak West London IHE
Old Cholmelians St Marys College
Oxford Polytechnic Pressed Steel
Sonning 8 Old Isleworthians 0
Wallingford Tring

January 27 1990

Birkbeck College Kodak
Iveco Ford International Students
Old Isleworthians Wallingford
Phoenix P Sonning P
Fixture Rescheduled to Mar 24 1990
St Marys College Oxford Polytechnic
Tring Aldermaston
West London IHE Old Cholmelians

February 03 1990

Aldermaston Old Isleworthians
International Students Tring
Kodak Iveco Ford
Old Cholmelians Birkbeck College
Oxford Polytechnic West London IHE
Pressed Steel St Marys College
Wallingford Phoenix

February 10 1990

Birkbeck College P Oxford Polytechnic P
Fixture Rescheduled to Mar 17 1990
Iveco Ford Old Cholmelians
Old Isleworthians International Students
Phoenix Aldermaston
Sonning Wallingford
Tring Kodak
West London IHE Pressed Steel

February 17 1990

Aldermaston Sonning
International Students Phoenix
Kodak 7 Old Isleworthians 1
Old Cholmelians Tring
Oxford Polytechnic Iveco Ford
Pressed Steel 3 Birkbeck College 0
St Marys College West London IHE

February 24 1990

Birkbeck College St Marys College
Iveco Ford Pressed Steel
Old Isleworthians Old Cholmelians
Phoenix 2 Kodak 2
Sonning International Students
Tring Oxford Polytechnic
Wallingford Aldermaston

March 03 1990

International Students Wallingford
Kodak Sonning
Old Cholmelians Phoenix
Oxford Polytechnic Old Isleworthians
Pressed Steel Tring
St Marys College Iveco Ford
West London IHE Birkbeck College

March 17 1990

Birkbeck College Oxford Polytechnic
Fixture Rescheduled from Feb 10 1990

March 24 1990

Phoenix Sonning
Fixture Rescheduled from Jan 27 1990

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Fixture Card ALDM1 Aldermaston
Fixture Card WLHC1 Birkbeck College
Fixture Card INTS1 International Students
Fixture Card IFLY1 Iveco Ford
Fixture Card KODK1 Kodak
Fixture Card OCHL1 Old Cholmelians
Fixture Card OISL1 Old Isleworthians
Fixture Card OXBR1 Oxford Polytechnic
Fixture Card PHXR1 Phoenix
Fixture Card PSTL1 Pressed Steel
Fixture Card Club Website SONN1 Sonning
Fixture Card SMUN1 St Marys College
Fixture Card Club Website TRNG1 Tring
Fixture Card Club Website WLFD1 Wallingford
Fixture Card WLIE1 West London IHE

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