Kent Area - Division 2 1989-1990

Secretary: G Seehra
Revised: 07 May 2013 00:45


October 14 1989

Cobdown RASRA
Greenwich Guru Nanak
Guys Hospital Peek Freans
Scotts Sutton Valence

October 21 1989

Guys Hospital Greenwich
Peek Freans Guru Nanak
RASRA Scotts
Woodstock Cobdown

October 28 1989

Cobdown Guys Hospital
Greenwich Peek Freans
Guru Nanak RASRA
Sutton Valence Woodstock

November 04 1989

Guys Hospital Guru Nanak
Peek Freans Sutton Valence
RASRA Greenwich
Woodstock Scotts

November 11 1989

Greenwich Cobdown
Guru Nanak Scotts
Sutton Valence Guys Hospital
Woodstock Peek Freans

November 18 1989

Cobdown Guru Nanak
Guys Hospital Woodstock
RASRA Sutton Valence
Scotts Greenwich

November 25 1989

Greenwich Sutton Valence
Peek Freans RASRA
Scotts Cobdown
Woodstock Guru Nanak

December 02 1989

Peek Freans Scotts
RASRA Guys Hospital
Sutton Valence Cobdown
Woodstock Greenwich

December 09 1989

Peek Freans Cobdown
Scotts Guys Hospital
Sutton Valence Guru Nanak
Woodstock RASRA

January 20 1990

Guru Nanak Greenwich
Peek Freans Guys Hospital
RASRA Cobdown
Sutton Valence Scotts

January 27 1990

Cobdown Woodstock
Greenwich Guys Hospital
Guru Nanak Peek Freans
Scotts RASRA

February 03 1990

Guys Hospital Cobdown
Peek Freans Greenwich
RASRA Guru Nanak
Woodstock Sutton Valence

February 10 1990

Greenwich RASRA
Guru Nanak Guys Hospital
Scotts Woodstock
Sutton Valence Peek Freans

February 17 1990

Cobdown Greenwich
Guys Hospital Sutton Valence
Peek Freans Woodstock
Scotts Guru Nanak

February 24 1990

Greenwich Scotts
Guru Nanak Cobdown
Sutton Valence RASRA
Woodstock Guys Hospital

March 03 1990

Cobdown Scotts
Guru Nanak Woodstock
RASRA Peek Freans
Sutton Valence Greenwich

March 10 1990

Cobdown Sutton Valence
Greenwich Woodstock
Guys Hospital RASRA
Scotts Peek Freans

March 17 1990

Cobdown Peek Freans
Guru Nanak Sutton Valence
Guys Hospital Scotts
RASRA Woodstock

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Fixture Card Club Website COBD1 Cobdown
Fixture Card GRWC1 Greenwich
Fixture Card GNNK1 Guru Nanak
Fixture Card GUYS1 Guys Hospital
Fixture Card PKFR1 Peek Freans
Fixture Card RSRA1 RASRA
Fixture Card SCTT1 Scotts
Fixture Card Club Website SVAL1 Sutton Valence
Fixture Card WSTK1 Woodstock

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