2nd XI Hampshire/Surrey - Regional 1992-1993

Secretary: Bob Thurston
Revised: 07 May 2013 00:45


October 10 1992

Basingstoke Hamble Old Boys
Epsom Barnes
Fleet Walton
Old Cranleighans Winchester
Old Mid Whitgiftians Old Whitgiftians
Old Walcountians Goan
Oxted Old Tauntonians
Salisbury Merton
Woking Andover

October 17 1992

Andover Oxted
Goan Old Mid Whitgiftians
Hamble Old Boys Fleet
Merton Basingstoke
Old Tauntonians Old Cranleighans
Old Whitgiftians Woking
Salisbury Barnes
Walton Old Walcountians
Winchester Epsom

October 24 1992

Barnes Winchester
Basingstoke Salisbury
Epsom Old Tauntonians
Fleet Merton
Old Cranleighans Andover
Old Mid Whitgiftians Walton
Old Walcountians Hamble Old Boys
Oxted Old Whitgiftians
Woking Goan

October 31 1992

Andover Epsom
Basingstoke Fleet
Goan Oxted
Hamble Old Boys Old Mid Whitgiftians
Merton Old Walcountians
Old Tauntonians Barnes
Old Whitgiftians Old Cranleighans
Salisbury Winchester
Walton Woking

November 07 1992

Barnes Andover
Epsom Old Whitgiftians
Fleet Salisbury
Old Cranleighans Goan
Old Mid Whitgiftians Merton
Old Walcountians Basingstoke
Oxted Walton
Winchester Old Tauntonians
Woking Hamble Old Boys

November 14 1992

Andover Winchester
Basingstoke Old Mid Whitgiftians
Fleet Old Walcountians
Goan Epsom
Hamble Old Boys Oxted
Merton Woking
Old Whitgiftians Barnes
Salisbury Old Tauntonians
Walton Old Cranleighans

November 21 1992

Barnes Goan
Epsom Walton
Old Cranleighans Hamble Old Boys
Old Mid Whitgiftians Fleet
Old Tauntonians Andover
Old Walcountians Salisbury
Oxted Merton
Winchester Old Whitgiftians
Woking Basingstoke

November 28 1992

Basingstoke Oxted
Fleet Woking
Goan Winchester
Hamble Old Boys Epsom
Merton Old Cranleighans
Old Walcountians Old Mid Whitgiftians
Old Whitgiftians Old Tauntonians
Salisbury Andover
Walton Barnes

December 05 1992

Andover Old Whitgiftians
Barnes Hamble Old Boys
Epsom Merton
Old Cranleighans Basingstoke
Old Mid Whitgiftians Salisbury
Old Tauntonians Goan
Oxted Fleet
Winchester Walton
Woking Old Walcountians

December 12 1992

Basingstoke Epsom
Fleet Old Cranleighans
Goan Andover
Hamble Old Boys Winchester
Merton Barnes
Old Mid Whitgiftians Woking
Old Walcountians Oxted
Salisbury Old Whitgiftians
Walton Old Tauntonians

January 23 1993

Andover Walton
Barnes Basingstoke
Epsom Fleet
Old Cranleighans Old Walcountians
Old Tauntonians Hamble Old Boys
Old Whitgiftians Goan
Oxted Old Mid Whitgiftians
Winchester Merton
Woking Salisbury

January 30 1993

Basingstoke Winchester
Fleet Barnes
Hamble Old Boys Andover
Merton Old Tauntonians
Old Mid Whitgiftians Old Cranleighans
Old Walcountians Epsom
Salisbury Goan
Walton Old Whitgiftians
Woking Oxted

February 06 1993

Andover Merton
Barnes Old Walcountians
Epsom Old Mid Whitgiftians
Goan Walton
Old Cranleighans Woking
Old Tauntonians Basingstoke
Old Whitgiftians Hamble Old Boys
Oxted Salisbury
Winchester Fleet

February 13 1993

Basingstoke Andover
Fleet Old Tauntonians
Hamble Old Boys Goan
Merton Old Whitgiftians
Old Mid Whitgiftians Barnes
Old Walcountians Winchester
Oxted Old Cranleighans
Salisbury Walton
Woking Epsom

February 20 1993

Andover Fleet
Barnes Woking
Epsom Oxted
Goan Merton
Old Cranleighans Salisbury
Old Tauntonians Old Walcountians
Old Whitgiftians Basingstoke
Walton Hamble Old Boys
Winchester Old Mid Whitgiftians

February 27 1993

Basingstoke Goan
Fleet Old Whitgiftians
Merton Walton
Old Cranleighans Epsom
Old Mid Whitgiftians Old Tauntonians
Old Walcountians Andover
Oxted Barnes
Salisbury Hamble Old Boys
Woking Winchester

March 06 1993

Andover Old Mid Whitgiftians
Barnes Old Cranleighans
Epsom Salisbury
Goan Fleet
Hamble Old Boys Merton
Old Tauntonians Woking
Old Whitgiftians Old Walcountians
Walton Basingstoke
Winchester Oxted

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Fixture Card Club Website ANDV2 Andover
Fixture Card Club Website BRNS2 Barnes
Fixture Card Club Website BSTK2 Basingstoke
Fixture Card Club Website EPSM2 Epsom
Fixture Card Club Website FLEE2 Fleet
Fixture Card Club Website GOAN2 Goan
Fixture Card HAMB2 Hamble Old Boys
Fixture Card Club Website MRTN2 Merton
Fixture Card Club Website OCRN2 Old Cranleighans
Fixture Card TMWG2 Old Mid Whitgiftians
Fixture Card SOTN2 Old Tauntonians
Fixture Card PWAL2 Old Walcountians
Fixture Card Club Website OWHT2 Old Whitgiftians
Fixture Card Club Website OXTD2 Oxted
Fixture Card Club Website SALS2 Salisbury
Fixture Card WLTN2 Walton
Fixture Card Club Website WCHR2 Winchester
Fixture Card Club Website WOKG2 Woking

Leagues 1992-1993

Premier League