Season 2020-2021

  • All clubs will follow England Hockey’s guidance and requirements to play in respect of coronavirus including the appointment and notification of a Covid officer.
  • League matches, by agreement with opposition and umpires, may be played on any of the three days previous to or after the due date and notified to the relevant League Secretary. Venues may also be reversed with similar consents. Periods of notice will remain as prescribed under existing league rules unless rendered impractical by a coronavirus related event.
  • Floodlights must be approved by the relevant authority and be at least 300 lux or higher if required by an appointing Association.
  • The League will not set alternative scenarios in respect of any various coronavirus related cancellations or postponements but will deal with them when they are known. An emergency committee has been appointed to deal with such matters.
  • Depending upon such events, the League reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the way the league is played or completed.

The League Committee



League Dates 2019-2024

From season 2019/20 the first block of league fixtures will commence on the last Saturday in September and the second on the second Saturday in January, both blocks with compulsory spare League dates on the following Saturday - Hockey Calendar.



Goal Scorers

Top Goal Scorer 2020-2021

2020-21 Michael Bristow 12
2020-21 Joe Rogers 10
2020-21 Harry Roberts 9
2020-21 Andrew Pett 9
2020-21 Dan Andrews 8
2020-21 James Knibb 8
2020-21 Luke Robinson 7
2020-21 Will Grogan 7
2020-21 Ross Fergusson 7
2020-21 Tarn Huxford 7

Overall Top Goal Scorer

1996-21 Prabjot Hunjan 406
1994-21 Dave Clark 402
2003-21 Andy Pike 293
2012-21 Shujah ur Rehman 281
1996-21 Chris Green 260
1999-09 Jamie McFarland 256
2009-21 Nick Lendon 250
2001-15 Duncan Parnis 237
2007-20 David Cooper 236
1996-14 Timur Asar 234

Fifty Plus Goals in a Season

2003-04 Craig Carolan 74
2007-08 Duncan Parnis 70
2015-16 Shujah ur Rehman 56
2018-19 Charles Louis 55
2013-14 Shujah ur Rehman 54
1996-97 Paddy Osbourne 52
2001-02 Calum Giles 51
2003-04 Jamie McFarland 51
2019-20 Callum White 50
2019-20 Alex Idoine 50