Overseas Players

Teams playing in Premier Division 1 must comply with the England Hockey League rules relating to 'overseas' players (contained in EHL Regulations 2018-19 Rule 4.2.13).

Men's Hockey League Regulations & Administration.

EHL Regulations 2018-19


4.2 Players

 An EHL team shall not be allowed to register more than two players who do not:
  1. Hold a European Union or UK Passport, or
  2. Have a permanent right of abode, or indefinite leave to remain, as defined by Sections 1 and 2 of the Immigration Act 1971 (as amended from time to time), or
  3. Hold a current valid Ancestry Visa or Family of a Settled Person Visa, for a right to remain in the United Kingdom.
A player wishing to register for an EHL team must indicate in the appropriate section on their registration, the option relevant to them as specified above.
 Players from the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Gibraltar together with those holding dual passport eligibility where one such eligibility is that of a European Union member state will be considered to have no limitation as to their ability to be registered.
 A player who does not hold any passport must be eligible to hold a passport of the UK or a European Union State.
 The onus of proof regarding eligibility is on the registering team.
 The EHCD shall decide any dispute regarding eligibility and shall be entitled to request such written or oral evidence, as it considers necessary.