Important Notes for Clubs

All match results are to be advised by both teams to the relevant Secretary immediately after the game unless advised otherwise.
Matches must be played on the day scheduled unless weather renders the pitch unfit. (Save for exceptional circumstances on prior application to the relevant Secretary and approval by the League Officers).
In the event of postponement, the relevant secretary and umpires and the relevant umpires appointments secretary must immediately be informed and also subsequently advised by the home team of the re-arranged date.
Teams are strongly advised to make contact with each other during the week preceding their encounter so as to arrange a telephone contact should the weather render the match doubtful.
Please read carefully Rule 8 relating to umpires.
A postponed match must be replayed on the first available spare league date unless directed otherwise.
Attention is drawn to Rule 6(f) which enables a home team to start a league match at any time between 10.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. provided that at least 10 days notice, and preferably far more, is given to the visiting team. Such team is not required to leave its home area before 9.00 am or arrive back after 7.30 pm or 6.30 pm on Sundays after taking into account thirty minutes pre-match and post-match changing time.
Teams may mutually agree times outside these limits.
Home teams are asked where possible to allow their opponents time to warm up and practice on the surface prior to the starting time.
It is appreciated that in certain circumstances (e.g. when artificial pitch bookings are concerned or when a late start time has occurred and light is expected to fade) the available playing time may be less than 70 minutes. It is pointed out that, in these circumstances, the duration of a match may be less than 70 minutes but not less than 50 minutes provided this is mutually agreed by both teams.
Teams involved in floodlit matches to which recognised umpires would normally be appointed must check in good time whether the appointing association will appoint and if not ensure that these games are played in daylight.
Liaison Officers are reminded that they afford the official link between the League and their Club. In addition to duties regarding Fixtures and Results they have a responsibility to ensure that requests for subscriptions, etc., are directed to the appropriate club Committee Member.
Teams are expected to advise details well in advance to all their opponents and preferably before the start of the League season. The mere sending or delivery of a fixture card is not sufficient notice.
All Clubs are requested to facilitate their own club umpires qualifying to at least EH level 1. As is required for all South League divisions.
Teams to which recognised umpires are normally appointed must not take any action, such as non-payment of fees, unacceptable starting times, use of unauthorised floodlights or lack of notification, which would cause the relevant Umpires Association not to appoint.
If the Umpires Association refuses to appoint, the match cannot be played as a League match, three points will be deducted from the offending team and the match will be played on another date as directed by the relevant League Secretary. Additional penalties may be imposed.
Teams must abide by any local rules or requirements relating to pitches, particularly on the use of correct footwear.
Communication by acknowledged e-mail is acceptable.