Premier - Division 2 2017-2018

Secretary: Ian Stone
Tel: 07887 826644
Revised: 11 Nov 2017 16:42


September 30 2017

Banbury 3 West Hampstead 2
Simon Boardman, George Brooker, Barney Williams Benji Knights Johnson, Chris Todd
Guildford 3 Bournemouth 2
Matt Madsen (3) Sam Bury, Chris Rutland
Purley Walcountians 1 Blackheath & Elthamians 9
Tom Mullins Chris Harden (4), David Lawrence (3), Andy Slack (2)
Staines 3 Tunbridge Wells 5
Adam Cope (2), James Lazlo Ben Allberry (3), Sam George, Chris Pelmore
Trojans 2 Wycombe 3
Chris Jackson, Dave McNee Sam Burroughs, Lukas Qureshi, Stephen Sloan
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 1 London Academicals 2
Hugh Proctor Danny Bond, Eb Mukhtar

October 07 2017

Blackheath & Elthamians 2 Trojans 2
Chris Harden (2) Ben Frost (2)
Bournemouth 3 Staines 1
Ted Ingram Johnson, Tom McKinlay, Richie Steavenson James Lazlo
London Academicals 2 Banbury 2
Arion Alexopolous, Ali Francis Joe Allen, Kieran Symons
Tunbridge Wells 5 Purley Walcountians 1
Ben Allberry (2), Ben Brandt, Alistair Clarke, Chris Smith Justin Metcalfe
West Hampstead 4 Guildford 3
Laxman Karan (3), Alex Stobbart Ross Fergusson, Tom Gordon, Josh Powell
Wycombe 2 Tulse Hill & Dulwich 1
Sam Burroughs, Stephen Sloan Gregor Rosenkranz

October 14 2017

Banbury 2 Wycombe 2
Max Grosmith, Kieran Symons William Budgell, Kirushanthan Sivagnanam
Blackheath & Elthamians 2 Tunbridge Wells 3
Chris Harden, David Lawrence Ben Allberry (2), Jack Garwood
Guildford 4 London Academicals 4
Ross Fergusson, Matt Madsen, Josh Powell (2) Sascha Benson-Cooper, Jake Bullock, Will Church, Ali Francis
Purley Walcountians 1 Bournemouth 2
Chris Jones Tom McKinlay, Dan Salmon
Staines 3 West Hampstead 4
Adam Cope (2), James Lazlo Laxman Karan (4)
Trojans 4 Tulse Hill & Dulwich 1
Colin French (3), Scott Summers Ash Neale

October 21 2017

Bournemouth 3 Blackheath & Elthamians 3
Ross Hattemore, Jack Taylor, Ryan Younger Eddy Forshaw, Chris Harden, Marley Jones
London Academicals 3 Staines 3
Arion Alexopolous, Simon Coles (2) Adam Cope, James Lazlo (2)
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 1 Banbury 1
Gregor Rosenkranz Kieran Symons
Tunbridge Wells 7 Trojans 1
Ben Allberry (3), Ben Brandt (2), Jack Garwood, Sam George Tom Faerber
West Hampstead 4 Purley Walcountians 2
Phil Dumpleton (2), Laxman Karan, Alex Stobbart Justin Metcalfe, Tom Mullins
Wycombe 1 Guildford 3
Kirushanthan Sivagnanam Ross Fergusson (2), Max Greenhaigh

October 28 2017

Blackheath & Elthamians 3 West Hampstead 4
Chris Harden (3) Phil Dumpleton, Jack Beard, Laxman Karan (2)
Guildford 2 Tulse Hill & Dulwich 1
James Dellis, Max Greenhaigh Ash Neale
Purley Walcountians 3 London Academicals 4
Graham Lester, Justin Metcalfe, Karl Stagno Simon Coles (2), Sam Letcher, Eb Mukhtar
Staines 2 Wycombe 3
Adam Cope (2) William Needham, Stephen Sloan (2)
Trojans 2 Banbury 5
Dan Ferrier, Jack Priestner Simon Boardman, Tyson Nunneley, Steve O'Connor, Kieran Symons (2)
Tunbridge Wells 1 Bournemouth 1
Jack Garwood Ross Hattemore

November 04 2017

Banbury 2 Guildford 4
Kieran Symons, Barney Williams Tanner Bottomley, James Dellis (3)
Bournemouth 1 Trojans 1
Dan Salmon Richard Aves
London Academicals 1 Blackheath & Elthamians 4
Arion Alexopolous Chris Harden (3), David Lawrence
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 2 Staines 2
Matt Poole, Gregor Rosenkranz Richard Greene, Nathan Hunt
West Hampstead 2 Tunbridge Wells 4
Richard Bond, Alex Stobbart Ben Allberry, Ben Brandt, Alistair Clarke, James Murdoch
Wycombe 2 Purley Walcountians 2
William Needham, Lukas Qureshi Dean Harrison, Chris Jones

November 11 2017

Blackheath & Elthamians 0 Wycombe 3
William Budgell, Jasraj Grewal (2)
Bournemouth 2 West Hampstead 2
Ross Hattemore, Chris Rutland Laxman Karan, Alex Stobbart
Purley Walcountians 3 Tulse Hill & Dulwich 8
Andrew Baggs (2), Chris Jones Sam Close, Arthur Mitchell (2), Gareth Needham, Jack O'Connell, Matt Poole (2), Gregor Rosenkranz
Staines 2 Banbury 1
Richard Greene, James Lazlo Joe Allen
Trojans 5 Guildford 2
Richard Aves, Colin French, Ben Frost (2), Scott Summers James Dellis, Craig Mullon
Tunbridge Wells 7 London Academicals 2
Ben Allberry (2), Ben Brandt (3), Kyle Mathieson, Chris Pelmore James Brooke, Jake Bullock

November 18 2017

Banbury Purley Walcountians
Guildford Staines
London Academicals Bournemouth
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Blackheath & Elthamians
West Hampstead Trojans
Wycombe Tunbridge Wells

November 25 2017

Blackheath & Elthamians Banbury
Bournemouth Wycombe
Purley Walcountians Guildford
Trojans Staines
Tunbridge Wells Tulse Hill & Dulwich
West Hampstead London Academicals

December 02 2017

Banbury Tunbridge Wells
Guildford Blackheath & Elthamians
London Academicals Trojans
Staines Purley Walcountians
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Bournemouth
Wycombe West Hampstead

December 09 2017

Blackheath & Elthamians Staines
Bournemouth Banbury
London Academicals Wycombe
Trojans Purley Walcountians
Tunbridge Wells Guildford
West Hampstead Tulse Hill & Dulwich

January 13 2018

Blackheath & Elthamians Purley Walcountians
Bournemouth Guildford
London Academicals Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Tunbridge Wells Staines
West Hampstead Banbury
Wycombe Trojans

January 20 2018

Banbury London Academicals
Guildford West Hampstead
Purley Walcountians Tunbridge Wells
Staines Bournemouth
Trojans Blackheath & Elthamians
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Wycombe

January 27 2018

Bournemouth Purley Walcountians
London Academicals Guildford
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Trojans
Tunbridge Wells Blackheath & Elthamians
West Hampstead Staines
Wycombe Banbury

February 03 2018

Banbury Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Blackheath & Elthamians Bournemouth
Guildford Wycombe
Purley Walcountians West Hampstead
Staines London Academicals
Trojans Tunbridge Wells

February 10 2018

Banbury Trojans
Bournemouth Tunbridge Wells
London Academicals Purley Walcountians
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Guildford
West Hampstead Blackheath & Elthamians
Wycombe Staines

February 17 2018

Blackheath & Elthamians London Academicals
Guildford Banbury
Purley Walcountians Wycombe
Staines Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Trojans Bournemouth
Tunbridge Wells West Hampstead

February 24 2018

Banbury Staines
Guildford Trojans
London Academicals Tunbridge Wells
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Purley Walcountians
West Hampstead Bournemouth
Wycombe Blackheath & Elthamians

March 03 2018

Blackheath & Elthamians Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Bournemouth London Academicals
Purley Walcountians Banbury
Staines Guildford
Trojans West Hampstead
Tunbridge Wells Wycombe

March 10 2018

Banbury Blackheath & Elthamians
Guildford Purley Walcountians
London Academicals West Hampstead
Staines Trojans
Tulse Hill & Dulwich Tunbridge Wells
Wycombe Bournemouth

March 17 2018

Blackheath & Elthamians Guildford
Bournemouth Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Purley Walcountians Staines
Trojans London Academicals
Tunbridge Wells Banbury
West Hampstead Wycombe

March 24 2018

Banbury Bournemouth
Guildford Tunbridge Wells
Purley Walcountians Trojans
Staines Blackheath & Elthamians
Tulse Hill & Dulwich West Hampstead
Wycombe London Academicals

Spare Dates

Spare League Date: 16 December 2017, 06 January & 07 April 2018

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Fixture Card Club Website BNBY1 Banbury
Fixture Card Club Website BHOE1 Blackheath & Elthamians
Fixture Card Club Website BMTH1 Bournemouth
Fixture Card Club Website GLFD1 Guildford
Fixture Card Club Website LACA1 London Academicals
Fixture Card Club Website PWAL1 Purley Walcountians
Fixture Card Club Website STNS1 Staines
Fixture Card Club Website TROJ1 Trojans
Fixture Card Club Website THDL1 Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Fixture Card Club Website TWLS1 Tunbridge Wells
Fixture Card Club Website WHAM1 West Hampstead
Fixture Card Club Website WYCB1 Wycombe

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