2nd XI Hampshire Area - Division 2 1993-1994

Secretary: Bob Thurston
Revised: 07 May 2013 00:45


October 23 1993

IBM Farnborough
Michelmersh & Timsbury Calmore
Southampton Institute Alton

October 30 1993

Calmore Southampton Institute
Farnborough Michelmersh & Timsbury
Fordingbridge IBM

November 06 1993

Alton Calmore
Michelmersh & Timsbury Fordingbridge
Southampton Institute Farnborough

November 13 1993

Farnborough Alton
Fordingbridge Southampton Institute
IBM Michelmersh & Timsbury

November 20 1993

Alton Fordingbridge
Calmore Farnborough
Southampton Institute IBM

November 27 1993

Fordingbridge Calmore
IBM Alton
Michelmersh & Timsbury Southampton Institute

December 04 1993

Alton Michelmersh & Timsbury
Calmore IBM
Farnborough Fordingbridge

December 11 1993

Alton Southampton Institute
Calmore Michelmersh & Timsbury
Farnborough IBM

January 29 1994

IBM Fordingbridge
Michelmersh & Timsbury Farnborough
Southampton Institute Calmore

February 05 1994

Calmore Alton
Farnborough Southampton Institute
Fordingbridge Michelmersh & Timsbury

February 12 1994

Alton Farnborough
Michelmersh & Timsbury IBM
Southampton Institute Fordingbridge

February 19 1994

Farnborough Calmore
Fordingbridge Alton
IBM Southampton Institute

February 26 1994

Alton IBM
Calmore Fordingbridge
Southampton Institute Michelmersh & Timsbury

March 05 1994

Fordingbridge Farnborough
IBM Calmore
Michelmersh & Timsbury Alton

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Fixture Card Club Website ALTN2 Alton
Fixture Card CLMR2 Calmore
Fixture Card FNBG2 Farnborough
Fixture Card FORD2 Fordingbridge
Fixture Card IBMA2 IBM
Fixture Card MTMS2 Michelmersh & Timsbury
Fixture Card SOTI2 Southampton Institute

Leagues 1993-1994

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