Berks, Bucks & Oxon - Division 2 1987-1988

Secretary: M Shackleton
Revised: 07 May 2013 00:45


October 17 1987

Boyne Hill Leighton Buzzard
Holmer Green Oxford Polytechnic
Phoenix Wantage
Wallingford Farnham Common

October 24 1987

Farnham Common Boyne Hill
Leighton Buzzard Phoenix
Oxford Polytechnic Aldermaston
Wantage Holmer Green

October 31 1987

Aldermaston Holmer Green
Boyne Hill Phoenix
Leighton Buzzard Wantage
Oxford Polytechnic Wallingford

November 07 1987

Aldermaston Farnham Common
Holmer Green Leighton Buzzard
Phoenix Oxford Polytechnic
Wallingford Wantage

November 14 1987

Holmer Green Wallingford
Oxford Polytechnic Boyne Hill
Phoenix Aldermaston
Wantage Farnham Common

November 21 1987

Boyne Hill Wallingford
Farnham Common Holmer Green
Leighton Buzzard Aldermaston
Oxford Polytechnic Wantage

November 28 1987

Aldermaston Boyne Hill
Farnham Common Oxford Polytechnic
Holmer Green Phoenix
Wallingford Leighton Buzzard

December 05 1987

Aldermaston Wallingford
Leighton Buzzard Oxford Polytechnic
Phoenix Farnham Common
Wantage Boyne Hill

December 12 1987

Boyne Hill Holmer Green
Farnham Common Leighton Buzzard
Wallingford Phoenix
Wantage Aldermaston

January 23 1988

Farnham Common Wallingford
Leighton Buzzard Boyne Hill
Oxford Polytechnic Holmer Green
Wantage Phoenix

January 30 1988

Aldermaston Oxford Polytechnic
Boyne Hill Farnham Common
Holmer Green Wantage
Phoenix Leighton Buzzard

February 06 1988

Holmer Green Aldermaston
Phoenix Boyne Hill
Wallingford Oxford Polytechnic
Wantage Leighton Buzzard

February 13 1988

Farnham Common Aldermaston
Leighton Buzzard Holmer Green
Oxford Polytechnic Phoenix
Wantage Wallingford

February 20 1988

Aldermaston Phoenix
Boyne Hill Oxford Polytechnic
Farnham Common Wantage
Wallingford Holmer Green

February 27 1988

Aldermaston Leighton Buzzard
Holmer Green Farnham Common
Wallingford Boyne Hill
Wantage Oxford Polytechnic

March 05 1988

Boyne Hill Aldermaston
Leighton Buzzard Wallingford
Oxford Polytechnic Farnham Common
Phoenix Holmer Green

March 12 1988

Boyne Hill Wantage
Farnham Common Phoenix
Oxford Polytechnic Leighton Buzzard
Wallingford Aldermaston

March 19 1988

Aldermaston Wantage
Holmer Green Boyne Hill
Leighton Buzzard Farnham Common
Phoenix Wallingford

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Fixture Card ALDM1 Aldermaston
Fixture Card BYHL1 Boyne Hill
Fixture Card FCMN1 Farnham Common
Fixture Card HGRN1 Holmer Green
Fixture Card Club Website LBUZ1 Leighton Buzzard
Fixture Card OXBR1 Oxford Polytechnic
Fixture Card PHXR1 Phoenix
Fixture Card Club Website WLFD1 Wallingford
Fixture Card WNTG1 Wantage

Leagues 1987-1988

Premier League


Berks, Bucks & Oxon